Wheel Lock / Wheel Clamp / Wheel Immobilizer

The ALPHA LOCK is used for… Security and Law Enforcement – by the Police, Cities, Traffic and Parking Management and Control, by Universities, the Military, Governmental Agencies, Construction, Transportations…

The Professional, Police Proven Wheel Lock – is in use by TRAFFIC & PARKING ENFORCEMENT ACROSS THE USA to Collect Unpaid Citations… and to MAXIMIZE REVENUE

WITHIN SECONDS… the Alpha Lock Immobilizes / Boots vehicles from a sub-compact all the way up to a 18 wheeler! The Wheel Lock is pick, drill and freon resistant and is available “keyed alike”…. So one key can open one or
one hundred Alpha Locks.

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How the Alpha Lock can help you MAXIMIZE YOUR REVENUE AND COLLECTIONS…..

Within Seconds… You can Secure and Protect your Vehicles and Equipment from being Stolen…

  • cars
  • trucks
  • trailers
  • RV’s
  • mobile homes
  • golf carts
  • motorcycles

And it will also Protect “Towable Construction Equipment” such as:

  • generators
  • welders
  • mixers
  • compressors
  • light towers
  • signage boards

…Virtually anything on Wheels!

With the Alpha Lock – Security / Wheel Immobilizer you can now “Boot”, “Secure and Protect” virtually any and all Vehicles and Equipment within Seconds.

wheel lock order