Parking Boot

A parking boot has proven itself as one of the most effective anti-theft security devices for not only automobiles, but also numerous other portable and wheeled equipment. The original parking boot had superior results during the first month of field testing in Denver, generating substantial revenues. Modern day car thieves are still trying to work their way around the infamous parking boot! The concept of commercial parking boots, like Alpha Lock, is in practical use internationally. Anyone interested in security options for your car or equipment should consider a wheel boot type anti-theft device as a great place to start.

The parking boot’s historical debut was in the traffic department of the Denver Police force. The objective was to render Denver traffic violators disabled and serve consequential traffic tickets. These traffic violation tickets generated more than $18,000 during its first month in field action. Many states soon followed in hot pursuit and implemented the use of the parking boot. Now, the wheel boot has become a daily nightmare for many traffic violators in all parts of the United States. However, the parking boot or wheel boot is now common security equipment found in many multinational organizations whose sole purpose and priority is security.

The original wheel lock embraced a concept in which this anti-theft device connected to the parked car and then isolated and immobilized the equipment’s wheel base, rendering the particular piece of equipment completely disabled. The average car thief casing the joint for their next heist would overlook and not even consider a car with a wheel boot attached. It is far too much of a challenge and extremely time consuming. The security of parking boots, like the Alpha lock, ranks it as one of the most secure anti-theft devices on the market.

Alpha lock type parking boots should never be confused with the steering wheel lock. These are two completely different things. A steering wheel lock does exactly that. It locks the steering wheel into place rendering it immobile. Car thieves have long discovered how to get around that. A parking boot or wheel lock is something entirely different. The design of a parking boot such as the commercial wheel Alpha Lock is designed to secure the object independently and secure the wheel base independently, all engineered into one efficient unit.

These highly reliable anti-theft security devices are standard issue equipment for many Government agencies, military organizations, and various security forces. It has been thoroughly field tested for reliability and strength. Although the wheel boot essentially came on the scene as a device to deter traffic violators, it has evolved into a security system for so much more equipment. While the Alpha lock is a parking boot, the design concept is such that it can be used for both vehicle security and to deter parking offenses.