Tire Lock

tire lockA tire lock is an anti-theft device that is growing in popularity. These wheel locks have long been used by law enforcement and parking enforcement. The use of tire locks has helped many major cities to increase their collections for parking violation fees and lowered the issues with parking violations at the same time. They have been so effective that consumers are now looking at these anti-theft wheel locks to use for their personal vehicles.

A car wheel lock fits right around you vehicles tires. These tire locks can be used on trailers, cars, RV’s, boat trailers, motorcycles, and more. The tire lock literally fits around the tire, preventing the vehicle from going anywhere because the tires cannot spin.

There are actually a few different styles of wheel locks. Some of them are simpler and are a basic lug nut that goes in the tire and require a key to turn it. Often these are used when a vehicle has expensive tires or rims that they don’t want stolen. They are effective in keeping tires on, but they can also easily be picked and they don’t prevent the car from being stolen.

An anti-theft tire lock is actually more effective because it goes around the entire tire. Some of these tire locks like the ones made by Alpha Lock are tested and proven to withstand the tricks a car jacker will try and pull. Thieves have been able to cut off lesser versions of tire locks. Some are able to pick the locks, or use enough force or pressure to remove the wheel lock, but Alpha Lock is a higher quality lock that stops this from happening.

A tire lock can be a very effective way to stop thieves from stealing your car. They are easy to use and well priced for the protection that they offer. Since there are so many choices on the market for anti-theft car locks it is important to really look at all they have to offer before making a purchase.